advent giving

Rooted in Abundance is the theme of our annual Pledge / Intention of Giving campaign. Together we pledge to be rooted in Christ with an abundance of love, faith, and commitment.

To pledge or not to pledge: Why estimate giving to the church? Estimating acknowledges that God asks for our commitment. Estimating emphasizes that God is vital to our lives and is an outward expression of our love for God who paid for our lives on Calgary.

Estimating begets ministry and enables planning, so our church leaders can get an accurate picture of our income for the coming year.

Every gift from you is a miracle. And every gift is Love, the kind of love that protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres. It’s easy and secure to pledge regular contributions online.

Annual Intention of Giving Form

Online Giving Form


   Giving Away the Plate ... Loving Thy Neighbor!

     Thank you for your cash plate offerings.
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