Facilities ministryAdvent Meditation Garden

Our Mission is to offer our parishioners and the community an opportunity to share our space, to walk a path with a single route designed for meditation, reflection and prayer for inner peace and introspection. Commonly known as a “labyrinth”, the area includes benches for rest along the path and live plants mixed with cactus, a water feature and pagoda for shade.
Leader: Christine Turner

Advent Memorial Garden & Chapel

Throughout history, it has been the practice of the Church to baptize us when we are born and to bury us when we die. Many choose to be buried by their church, an age old custom. The practice of cremation is an appropriate and church-approved way to treat human remains once the spirit has departed into the freedom of God.

With these thoughts in mind, Advent Episcopal Church has created “The Advent Memorial Garden & Chapel”. The walled garden adjacent to the church offers internment of cremains for those who wish in-ground burial, a Columbarium for ashes interred in wall Niches and a Wall of Remembrance for those who are interred elsewhere but want to be remembered at Advent Episcopal Church.

This restful island in a sea of activity must be managed soulfully and maintained immaculately.
Leader: Jim Bechtold

Buildings & Grounds

Maintenance of everything that has to do with the church, its surrounding grounds, and Paine Hall.
Leader: Chuck Anesi, Junior Warden


The kitchen is the heartbeat of most homes around which many of the activities circulate. So also at Advent. Managing it to serve in the healthiest way keeps everyone happy and healthy.
Leader: Cathy Shyers

Pet Memorial Garden

Internment of cremains for beloved pets is available in a select area of the Advent Memorial Garden.
Leader: Christine Turner